Coin to coin. (2018)
Artist book by Rafael MC.

How do we value women?
If we can speak of coins as women, why are some coins more valuable than others? The rarity of course- age sometimes - superior conditions always. But the single most important factor is demand, the number of collectors who want a coin for their collection and how badly they want it.

This work is part of a series of works on feminist perspectives. A long time ago there are coins that include human faces or profiles, such is the case of the British currency with the queen image, this book invites to reflect on the value of the coin, the queen and another woman. Maybe there is not a tradition on wrapping coins, but there is a tradition of putting a monetary value on women and just as a person can collect coins, a person can also collect women, womanizer, pimp, stalker, green tail. I wrapped current coins with random faces of women who appear in contemporary magazines such as Time Out London. Therefore I present them to you as a collector's book.

Coin to coin

  • 20 pages. British coins and paper wrapping. 7x8 cm. Perfect bound. Small edition of 10 signed copies.