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The book of buttons (2015)
Miniature artist's book by Ioulia Akhmadeeva

A ´The Book of Buttons’ is about some moments of the life of Antonina Sidorova (1924-2013), the artist’s grandmother. Each page is a story told by Antonina to the artist. About how at the age of five a horse took her into the forest. About how she sewed her first garment destroying a new dress and hair styled her rag doll with her own recently hair. Difficulties in at an orphanate in Leningrad with Spanish children, while her mother was imprisoned in 1936. Her marriage at age of 17 with captain Vasily Voloshin, in the first year of the Patriotic War against German fascism in 1941. About when she went with her husband to live in the Fart East of the USSR and helped the Army of the Soviet front sewing military coats. The book ends with the birth of her eldest daughter Valentina, mother of the artista. The button is a conductive element in the lives of the Voloshiny women, just because Antonina was a wonderful seamstress. The fabrics that are presente don the pages are pieces of clothing made by her and her daughter. Author’s proof of this book in paper received Honor Mention in Lia’s 3rd International Competition of Artist’s Book 2015 (Guadalajara, Mexico) for his playful impact and the way she manages to convey a cultural experience.

The book of buttons

  • Artist book. Accordion format, digital color print on paper, text in English and Spanish by autor, hardboard binding by ALTER.nativa Grafica
    Dimensions:  Opened 10.5 x 93 cm, folded 10.2x 8 x 0.8 cm, 12 pages
    Edition: P/A signed by autor