Ephemera 2.0 is a monthly journal by artists of email and ephemeral works.

Every journal will be available on issuu to be shared and printed for free. https://issuu.com/editorialfacsimile If you want to receive a copy made by us, please go to our online shop: https://www.editorialfacsimile.com/shop

This publication is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Ephemera 2.0 - March 2018

  • This journal is 8 pages, A3 size distributed and printed on demand in Mexico, UK and Europe.

    All submissions were sent to editorialfacsimile@gmail.com by
    Janyce Oliveira janyce@gmail.com
    Teresa Sandino fja_sahet@yahoo.com.mx
    Alexander V. Molina mvalexander1012@gmail.com
    Martha Gurrola marthitagu@gmail.com
    Elodia Corona Meneses coronaelo@yahoo.com.mx
    Frank Lahera Ocallaghan probetafilms@gmail.com
    Aldana Olivello panulata@hotmail.com
    Santiago Roldan santigrabado@gmail.com
    Andres Bruno hola@andresbruno.com.ar
    Karina Pampo karina.pampo@gmail.com
    Gian Cruz giancruzstudio@gmail.com
    Brass Neck brassneckpress@gmail.com
    July Kity Cat minina.aviles.ja@gmail.com
    Kabriele Rosas kabriele@yahoo.com