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From the series ‘Altares’ (2016)
Miniature artist's book by Graciela Patron

My plastic work embodies memory. I understand and represent memory through a series of images and concepts that include the fabric, the map, the footprint. These are connected by overlapping the process of discursive construction. I believe that memory, understood as tissue, is formed from the interaction of knots or nodes that link routes through which information travels, which changes as new elements or memories are integrated into the whole. On the other hand, I think of memory as a map, a route guide that allows the visitor to travel through time. Finally, it seems to me that memory is made up of a series of traces that are left on the landscape (this landscape can be the body, the paper, a particular object or the environment) and they continue revealing stories.

From the series ‘Altares’

  • Concertina in a box of matches.Transfer and embroidery on cotton paper. Box formed in fabric and lace. 
    Dimensions variable
    Edition: 2 copies