Exhibition curated by Tere Chad where a Latin American collective invite to re-think who determines the North. The artworks showcased during this exhibition are inspired by broad topics, such as: cultural syncretism, migrations as creative destructions that can open doors for new opportunities, shamanism from a Pre-Columbian and western perspective, and last but not least, the contrast between digital and physical materiality in the old and the new continent. PARTICIPANTS: Beatriz Creel, César Baracca, Clarissa Serafim, Cindy Moreno, Domenica Landin, Emiliano de Rokha, Giuseppe Mario Urso, José García, José Miranda, Lorenzo Belenguer, Luisa Rodríguez, Maritina Keleri, Matteo Valerio, Nataly Pérez, Mica Mornaghi, Olav Lorentzen, Paulina Figueroa, Paula Turmina, Rafael MC, Raúl Valdivia, Santiago Rodríguez, Stephanie Rodríguez, Tere Chad, Teresa Paiva, Victoria Vargas.


300 copies were published by Editorial Facsimile on the occasion of the

exhibition ‘Neo Norte 2.0’ at Exposed Arts Project, London from 10th

September to 22nd October 2019.

NEO NORTE 2.0 - Exhibition catalogue

  • Size Catalogue: A5, 40 pages, handmade japanese bookbinding, printed in full colour, 300 copies published in September 2019.