Neonbook (2014)
Artist's book by Rafael MC

A photo performance which converts neon trend in a public, private and secret lifestyle. Not even favourite colour, yellow colourimetry tending to green, neon is a special ink, appealing to reluctant luxury shops and cheap deals, just out of basic, recommended to give emphasis to the subtle object, in progress to communicate an honest identity. 

It is based on a perception of the real world that consists of a collection of basic objects called entities and of relationships between those objects. It is an entity-relationship (sometimes referred to by its initials in English, ER "Entity-relationship"  to the semantic constraints on diagram extends incorporating more elements of language as the attributes relationships, the cardinality of relationships, inheritance and aggregation. Weak or strong identity neon constructed from keys that allow unambiguously to identify each of the entities belonging to that collection. Private publicly secret: The artist is present and absent.


  • Print on demand up to 500 copies in matte paper 170 gr, 48 pages divided into 3 accordions, a special random object for collection in assembled box 13 x 7 x 4.5 cm (Offset printed, green tone on white caple paper 18 pts).