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Queer zine

Queer Zine produced on the occasion of STRANGE PERFUME 2019 at South London Gallery. All submissions were sent from Latin America to by their authors. This publication is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. You can view and share online here:


Queer Zine

  • This zine is 40 pages, A5 size distributed and printed on demand in Mexico, UK and Europe.

    All submissions were sent to byFernando Chezko -
    Angarillo -
    Kimberly Ponce -
    Ignacio Navarro -
    Héctor Rivera -
    Vado Va -
    Marisol Rojas -
    Alissia -
    Claudia Sandoval -
    Ricardo Vizcarra -
    Iter Intergalactic -
    Gerardo Contreras -