Queer zine

Queer Zine produced on the occasion of STRANGE PERFUME 2019 at South London Gallery. All submissions were sent from Latin America to editorialfacsimile@gmail.com by their authors. This publication is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. You can view and share online here: https://issuu.com/home/published/queer_zine


Queer Zine

  • This zine is 40 pages, A5 size distributed and printed on demand in Mexico, UK and Europe.

    All submissions were sent to editorialfacsimile@gmail.com byFernando Chezko - fernandochezko@gmail.com
    Angarillo - andersonudenar@gmail.com
    Kimberly Ponce - kim_pon@hotmail.com
    Ignacio Navarro - ignacio_navarro_cortez@yahoo.com.mx
    Héctor Rivera - hectoriveraruiz@gmail.com
    Vado Va - vadillocarlos@gmail.com
    Marisol Rojas - marisol.artistavisual@gmail.com
    Alissia - mpenalvaleal@gmail.com
    Claudia Sandoval - s.table.rw@gmail.com
    Ricardo Vizcarra - lancelot33@hotmail.com
    Iter Intergalactic - iter.mx@gmail.com
    Gerardo Contreras - geras.cr18.1997@gmail.com

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