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Words to the air (2017)
Miniature artist's book by Ioulia Akhmadeeva, Diego Espinoza Carmona, Cesar Rafael Rivera Duran, Jose Francisco Robles Mendoza, Juan Eduardo Salinas Mora.

The albur’ doesn´t disguise, is direct and funny. Unfelt like a colorful game and creative of ability and humor, around metaphors mostly linked to a sexual connotation. The artists play with the visible and textual, becoming real “albureros”; putting to the specter’s like rivals that with mental agility must answer.

Words to the air

  • Artist book. Mixed technique. Linocut, watercolor, image transfer, digital and typographic printing. Dimensions: 10x9 cm
    Place: Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico
    Edition: First edition. Special edition in 3 artist proofs (P/A) of the book ‘Words to the air’, numbered and signed by the editor. Images: water-color reproductions of linocuts by Juan Eduardo Salinas Mora, Diego Anthar Espinosa Carmona, Cesar Rafael Rivera Duran, Ioulia Akhmadeeva and Jose Francisco Robles Mendoza. Introduction in Spanish, English and Russian by Maria de los Angeles Valencia Colin, Ioulia Akhmadeeva and Svetlana Akhmadeeva. The design, printing and binding made by ‘Alternativa Ediciones’. Cover artwork: Axuni Graphic. Textile hard paste with transfer image, 36 pages. The typefonts Gadugi 7:10 and Silver Age Queens 18:36 were used. The interior printing was done on Cultural paper of 75 g.